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HPCC Systems is the open source (Apache 2.0 license) Big Data platform serving three major needs:

  1. Massively parallel Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL)
  2. Massively parallel Analytics
  3. Highly concurrent and large scale real time data delivery for reporting and OLAP

The majority of the platform is written in C++, although some of the user interface components use Javascript and some of our test code is written in Python. Sources are hosted on github at and contributions are welcomed. The project is maintained by a group of developers employed by LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group, and it is used  as the core technology for several areas of the business, as well as being used by a number of other companies around the world.

To find out more about HPCC Systems, visit our website:

The website also provides access to JIRA, our community issue tracker.

You don't need an account to view our website or issue tracker, but you do if you want to post comments in the website forums or get notifications about JIRA issues that may be relevant to you.

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