This is a follow-on project which requires the corresponding NLP dictionary to be completed first.

Once a Kurdish dictionary has been created, a phrase parser can be implemented. A phrase parser involves taking in Kurdish text and parsing it linguistically into noun phrases, verb phrases, and other phrases.

If you are interested in this project, please contact David Dehilster.

Project Description

More details coming soon.

Completion of this project involves:

  • Become familiar with the Kurdish dictionary
  • Become familiar with NLP++ and VisualText
  • Come up with a strategy for parsing phrases in Kurdish
  • Implement the phrase parser in NLP++
  • Run the phrase parser using the NLP++ ECL Plugin
  • Create an NLP++ repository for the full Kurdish Parser

By the mid term review we would expect you to have:

  • More details coming soon

David Dehilster

Skills needed
  • Keen interest in natural language
  • Ability to do research on the internet
  • Ability to learn and program in NLP++
  • Ability to write test code in ECL using the NLP++ plugin to test the enhanced dictionary


  • Proposal on how the dictionary is to be constructed

End of project

  • A Kurdish parser repository in the VisualText open source github
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