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This guide is designed to help you manage the transition from using ECL Watch 4.0 and earlier (Legacy ECL Watch) to the new HPCC Systems 5.0 version. Each section provides a walkthrough of changes and new features in each area. If you are a user of HPCC Systems 4.x and are having trouble locating features, use the Quick guide for users upgrading from legacy ECL Watch.

Features in related areas are now grouped together into 5 main task areas: Activity, ECL, Files, Queries and Operations. These are shown as icons at the top of the page. There are also additional features located on the main menu bar including a global search facility and Advanced menu giving access to useful files, information and links related to the HPCC System.

On the Advanced menu, there is a link to an ECL Watch Q and A document which provides quick answers to questions about features which have moved location as well as directing you to new features.

Images are shown indicating how to perform the functions being described. Click on an image to see it full size. If you aren't displaying this in full screen mode, you may need to expand the window horizontally to see the accompanying text. Or hide the sidebar using the icon above .







  • Activity
  • Event Scheduler
  • Search Results
  • ECL Workunits
  • Playground
  • Logical Files
  • Landing Zones
  • DFU Workunits
  • XRef
  • Published Queries
  • Package Maps
  • Disk Usage
  • Target Clusters
  • Cluster Processes
  • System Servers
  • Security
  • Resources
  • Banner
  • Error/Warnings
  • Legacy
  • Reources
  • Release Notes
  • Configuration
  • About



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