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Welcome to the Red Book for HPCC Systems® 7.8.x series. There are several sections in this Red Book as follows:

  • General HPCC Systems core platform 
  • Significant new features core platform

Users may benefit from glancing at other Red Book entries when making a large jump between releases.

Here's how to contact us if you find an issue or want to add something to the Red Book:

  • To raise an issue, use our Community Issue Tracker. Please create yourself an account if you don't already have one, to get automatic updates as your issue progresses through the workflow.
  • To ask a developer a technical question about something you are doing or have encountered, post in the Developer Forum.
  • To add a note to the RedBook, please contact Lorraine Chapman with full details.

New HPCC Systems Cloud native version (under development)

Current development on HPCC Systems includes providing a cloud native version of the platform alongside our bare metal version. While our cloud native version is still very much under development and is not currently suitable for live systems, we do encourage you to take it out for a test drive. To find out how to get started, read the following blog posts:

Our bare metal version is available for download on our website.

General HPCC Systems core platform

Significant new features core platform


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