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The following mentors will be onsite for the duration of the hackathon:

Arjuna Chala - Email

Arjuna Chala is Senior Director of Technology Development for the HPCC Systems platform at LexisNexis Risk Solutions.  With almost 20 years of experience in software design, Arjuna leads the development of next generation big data capabilities including creating tools around exploratory data analysis, data streaming and business intelligence.  Arjuna strives to understanding new technologies and bring innovative applications and design to the HPCC Systems platform.

Dedicated to development excellence, Arjuna served as a key member of the team to bring the HPCC Systems platform to the open source community.  In his work with HPCC Systems community leaders and system integrator partners, Arjuna’s efforts have contributed to the spread of HPCC Systems technology into the enterprise domestically as well as the international markets of China, Brazil, Europe and India.  

Arjuna has a BS in Computer Science from RVCE, Bangalore University.

Lily Xu - Email

Lili Xu is in the final stages of completing her PhD in Computer Science. She has worked in the DICE lab directed by Dr. Apon in the school of computing at Clemson University in the USA. Lili has completed three internships with the HPCC Systems team, working on machine learning applications. Her research area is machine learning, natural language processing and high performance computing. 

More information about her intern projects is available and also posters illustrating her work which she entered into our HPCC Systems poster contest. She spoke about her most recent project during one of our Tech Talk webcasts and presented about her work at our 2018 HPCC Systems Community Day Summit, alongside our LexisNexis colleague, Gus Reyna. We are pleased that Lili has join the team as a LexisNexis employee.

Raja Sundarrajan - Email

Raja Sundarrajan is a Software Engineer, working for an internal data warehousing team at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. With 11 years of experience working on various big data problems, Raja is a front runner when it comes to implementation new technology and framework. Raja is an excellent analytical thinker and problem solver and goes above and beyond working with the HPCC Systems platform in building robust data processing applications, including massive volumes of data. Raja is a HPCC Systems evangelist and has worked with the Proagrica team in Sutton, UK and the IADP team in Dayton, as well as analyzing data on clinical trials for Reed Elsevier.

Raja is ready to step up to the plate, take on new challenges and willing to help and share the knowledge in solving complex problems.

Raja has a BS in Computer Science from Anna University, Chennai, India

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