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Mentors may be contacted via the Slack channel which has been setup for this event. To use this channel, you will need to create and account and login. You can create a private chat but, if you prefer, you may email the mentors directly. If you choose to email directly, please post in the Slack channel that you have done so. The mentors are monitoring the Slack channel more closely than email and will need to be prompted to look for your email message.

The following mentors will be onsite for the duration of the hackathon:

Dan Camper - Email

Dan has been with LexisNexis since 2014 and is a Senior Architect in the Solutions Lab Group. He has worked for Apple and Dun & Bradstreet, and he ran his own custom programming shop for a decade. He's been writing software professionally for over 35 years and has worked on a myriad of systems, using a lot of different programming languages.

He extended the ECL Std.Date library module to include time support and also authored our Kafka plugin. Dan is also available to to mentor students who apply to complete a summer internship with HPCC Systems for projects involving adding interfaces to ECL for other languages or external data stores.

Arjuna Chala - Email

Arjuna Chala is Senior Director of Technology Development for the HPCC Systems platform at LexisNexis Risk Solutions.  With almost 20 years of experience in software design, Arjuna leads the development of next generation big data capabilities including creating tools around exploratory data analysis, data streaming and business intelligence.  Arjuna strives to understanding new technologies and bring innovative applications and design to the HPCC System platform.

Dedicated to development excellence, Arjuna served as a key member of the team to bring the HPCC Systems platform to the open source community.  In his work with HPCC Systems community leaders and system integrator partners, Arjuna’s efforts have contributed to the spread of HPCC Systems technology into the enterprise domestically as well as the international markets of China, Brazil, Europe and India.  

Arjuna has a BS in Computer Science from RVCE, Bangalore University.

Richard Taylor - Email

Richard Taylor has worked with the HPCC Systems technology platform and ECL programming language since its inception. He is the author of the ECL programming documentation, including our Language Reference, Programmer’s Guide and Standard Library Reference. He developed all the ECL programming courses and has taught ECL from its beginning including:

  • Introduction to ECL - Concepts and Queries
  • Introduction to THOR - the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Process
  • Advanced ECL - Working with Relational Data
  • Advanced THOR - Super files, Working with XML
  • Free-form Text Parsing, Introduction to ROXIE - Indexes and Queries
  • Advanced ROXIE - Complex Query Development
  • Applied ECL – ECL Code Generation Tools. 

He is currently authoring the documentation for the forthcoming Knowledge Engineering Language project which is currently under development by HPCC Systems.

Adwait Joshi - Email

Adwait, as his name suggests is a truly unique individual. The Adwaita philosophy by the world guru Adi Shankaracharya, defines Adwait as a non-dual (no one like him exists in this universe), this is especially true if you know Adwait, his creativity, passion and personality is quite addictive and makes a long lasting impression on anyone who crosses paths with him. 

Adwait was not only a straight A student in school but was always interested in business opportunities, from simple projects like collecting a group of kids from the neighborhood and building lanterns to set up a sugarcane juice stand, he was always the leader. When he was 15 years old he won a scholarship and learned C++. This exposure made him start his first company at the age of 15, AD’s Computers, was extremely profitable and paved a path for Adwait’s future; not only giving him the right exposure but also making enough money to pay for his education. While at University at Buffalo, Adwait’s thesis on Visualization Techniques for Anthropometric Data made the concept of Universal Design easy and became a very important part of UB’s research for the next 10+ years. One might say Adwait has a midas touch because whatever he touches turns into gold. Just out of a passion for music, he started a 501c3 in 2004 which has grown to be the largest resource for Indian Music on the entire Internet. Under his leadership this organization has created a strong platform with 40,000 registered members from 140 countries.

Adwait’s IT career in the US began with Fisher Price where he spent his summer creating tools for mechanical engineers to speed up design of toys and he was successful in automating a lot of trivial tasks. He then went on to work at Intel where he was given a challenge that had not been solved before, migrating a 3d visualization software to a 64-bit architecture. He not only took that challenge, but tenuously worked towards finishing the project and won an award for doing it 4 weeks ahead of schedule. That’s when Adwait found his passion for IT, and it was simple to create solutions to automate tedious manual processes.  He believes in the philosophy of complex problems can be solved with simple solutions. For more than a decade now, Adwait has been working with various verticals solving their Data problems. He has tremendous expertise in big data and analytics. After a successful exit in 2016, he is back in the startup mode. His latest venture DataSeers, is a startup focused on RegTech and helping FinTech companies with Reconciliation, Compliance, Fraud and Analytics. The product has been so majorly successful that within the first year the company is already profitable and winning awards. LexisNexis recently awarded DataSeers an Award for creating a truly unique solution in the market space that uses HPCC Systems.

Gurjot Kaur Bandasha - Email

“What you do today defines what you will be tomorrow” has been the driving force for Gurjot.  After completing her Bachelors degree, she worked in the banking sector for about 1.5 years. Though it was a short tenure, her extraordinary abilities of technical delivery and intellect, gained her a “Star Performer Award”. 

Gurjot always had the zeal and desire to learn, grow and excel in not just her domain of work, but in a broader spectrum of the IT landscape. Following her dreams and ambition, she went ahead and pursued her Masters degree in Computer Science. This was one of her crucial career milestones that marked the beginning of her scintillating IT Career in the US.

Post graduation, she embarked on her first full time engagement with a startup – ‘MTS’ as a Database developer. She was a lone warrior in her firm where even without the required guidance or path-setting from a mentor, she strived and set her own growth path, envisioning where she wants to be after a decade. The MTS leadership appreciated her for expert handling and delivery of a critical and time-sensitive project that went on to generate notable revenue and credibility for the firm. In simple words, she is one of her kind who make their own fortune by endless commitment, hard work, persistence to succeed, and most importantly, a never-give-up attitude.

As the next step of advancement, she took up a golden opportunity and teamed up with DataSeers, where she is getting to work with esteemed masterminds such as Mr. Joshi (Adwait)

At DataSeers, she has continuously been shifting gears and working in multiple capacities, contributing immensely towards the firm’s initiatives and engagements. She absorbed the learning curve in a short span and making strides being a big data developer in ECL and gaining momentum on HPCC Systems platform. 

With the pace of learning and grasping abilities that she showcased since the start of her professional career, she has today worked her way up to the ability of managing projects and teams and successful in-time delivery. She received notes of appreciation from her clients that stand as milestones to her impeccable work ethic.

Learning is a never-ending process in life. She respects it and aims to continue learning and acquiring further more capabilities, credentials, valuable technology knowledge, and ultimately, the wisdom to life a complete life. Knowledge is power!

Additional remote mentors

The following mentor will not be there in person, but will be available remotely via the slack channel.

Roger Dev - Email

Roger is a Senior Architect working with John Holt on the Machine Learning Team.  He recently joined HPCC Systems from CA Technologies.  Roger has been involved in the implementation and utilization of machine learning and AI techniques for many years, and has over 20 patents in diverse areas of software technology.

In 2017, Roger mentored an HPCC Systems intern student who completed a project to implement a Documentation Generator for ECL code.

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