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The purpose of these monthly workshops is to share knowledge, spark innovation and continue to build on and link the relationships developed within our HPCC Systems community. Each series features 20 minute talks from 2-4 speakers. Browse the full list of past Tech Talks. 

Submit a Tech Talk idea for an upcoming episode! 

Have a new success story to share? Want to pitch a new use case? Have a new HPCC Systems application you want to demo? Want to share some helpful ECL tips and code sample?    
Have a new suggestion for the roadmap?    

It’s easy! All you need to do is submit a talk title and brief abstract to If chosen, you will be asked to present remotely for an upcoming 20 minute tech talk.

Latest HPCC Systems Tech Talks

HPCC Systems Tech Talks will return in January 2020. In the meantime, why not catch up on those you have missed or would like to review?

Couldn't make our last Tech Talk Episode 29? Catch up on these featured presentations:

  • Huafu Hu - HPCC Systems Intern 2019, Georgia State University

    HPCC Systems Intern Project: Analyzing Telematics Data to Support the Connected Cars Industry
  • Christopher Connelly - HPCC Systems Intern 2019, North Carolina State University
    HPCC Systems Intern Project: Cleaning and Analysis of Collegiate Soccer GPS Data in HPCC Systems

Want to review a previous presentation or learn something new?

Focus on our community contributors

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