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HPCC Systems collaborates with a number of academic institutions in the USA, Brazil, Europe and India. Our intern program, welcomes students on to the HPCC Systems platform team during the summer recess to work on HPCC Systems related projects. Our Academic Program (learn more here) supports research projects requiring data analytics and as a result, students working on these projects are also eligible to enter this contest. In fact, any student working on an HPCC Systems related project is welcome to enter this contest, regardless of whether they are an intern, academic partner contributor or any student independently working on a project that uses HPCC Systems.  

Our Technical Poster Contest has been held every year at our Community Day event since 2016. Take a walk down memory lane and look at the variety and of the contributions that have been showcased at our poster contest over the years. The aim of this contest is to give students working on HPCC Systems related projects, an opportunity to present their achievements to a wide audience of HPCC Systems open source community members and LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group employees. 

Our 2021 Poster Contest was held virtually and we thank students and judges for finding time in their busy schedules to meet for Q and A sessions which supports the judging process. Our judges always find it very difficult to choose winners from the submissions since all projects are completed to a very high standard by the dedicated students working on them. Yet winners must be chosen. Our 2021 Poster Contest Winners were announced during our 2021 HPCC Systems Community Day Summit.

In 2021, our Community Choice award will again be chosen by those who attend Community Day and vote for their favourite poster project. Our judges will choose winners in the following categories:

  • Best Poster - Data Analytics
  • Best Poster - Platform Enhancement
  • Best Poster - Use Case
  • Best Poster - Research - This award is new in 2021 and has been added to support the work done on research projects that may still be ongoing.

Find out more about our 2021 Judging Panel and the virtual judging process.

About the Students

18 posters were entered into our 2021 Poster Contest, which is the most submitted so far in any one year. Students presented from 3 continents:

  • Asia
  • North America
  • South America

The students ranged from high school right through to Masters level and showcased projects covering a wide variety of topics as shown below. Simply click on the poster title to view more details.

Students Presenting from Asia

Students Presenting from North America

Amy Ma
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, FL, USA
Ingress Configuration

Carina Wang
American Heritage School, FL, USA

Chris Connelly
North Carolina State University

Jefferson Mao
Lambert High School, Georgia

Toxicity Detection

Best Poster - Use Case

Murtadha D. Hssayeni
Florida Atlantic University
The Forecast of COVID-19 Spread Risk at The County Level

Nikita Jha
Northview High School GA, USA

Roshan Bhandari
Clemson University
Use Azure Spot Instance with HPCC Systems for Cost Optimization

Students Presenting from South America

André Fontanez Bravo
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bruno Carneiro Camara
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Preventing Fraud by Registration Inconsistencies

Francisco Ciol Rodrigues Aveiro 
Insper, Sao Paulo, Brazil
HPCC Systems Ingress Configuration with AWS ALB

Guilherme Santos da Silva
Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Brazil
HPCC Systems File Usage Monitor

Luiz Fernando Cavalcante Silva
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Massive data analysis in public management: A proposal to identify outliers in the São Paulo city government's real estate registry
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