Type of releaseNaming conventionEstimated frequencyImpactGet HPCC Systems now
Major6.0.0, 7.0.0, 8.0.0 etcOnce a yearMajor new features and fixes to the architecture, GUIs, ECL language etc which may require you to make changes to your code and the way you use HPCC Systems. Requires you to rebuild queries.Download
Minor8.2.0, 8.4.0 etcOnce a quarterMinor new features and fixes. Less disruptive than a major release, but you may still need to make changes to your code and we recommend that you rebuild your queries.Download
Point8.2.2, 8.2.6 etcAs neededResolve specific issues only causing minimum disruption. No changes to your code required and you don't need to rebuild queries.Download

Release Candidates

We do make release candidates available for users who want to take a look at a new feature as soon as possible or for those who just want to keep at the leading edge of our technology. An additional selectable option is shown on our download page when a release candidate is available. 

Information about new release

Use the following resources to find out when new releases are available and learn about the new features and fixes included:

  • Our release notes contain everything you need to know about a new release, including a changelog and known limitations.
  • Use our Red Book to get a heads up about known issues and workarounds.
  • Register to join our Community Forum to see anouncements about new releases and many other topics of interest. 
  • Subscribe to our Developer Newsletter for up to date information about the HPCC Systems open source project.
  • Come to our Tech Talks. There's always a roundup about what happening on the HPCC Systems open source project.
  • Read our blog for posts about new features and recommended ways of using the features already available.
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