HPCC Systems Bare Metal Platform

The latest gold release of our Bare Metal is available on the HPCC Systems download page on our website. When release candidates for ongoing development are available, they are shown under the Version section on our download page. Find out more about our release schedule. Select the type of release you want (gold/release candidate), then select the operating system to see the list of features available. The minimum recommended dowload requirements are auto selected. Check the additional features you require and select the DOWNLOAD button.

We currently support the following operating systems:

Operating SystemPlatformVM Image (64 bit)HyperV Image (64 bit)Client ToolsECLIDENagios MonitoringGanglia Monitoring

Embedded Language Plugins


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


Ubuntu 22.04 LTS


Ubuntu 22.10 


HPCC Systems Cloud Native Platform

A number of blogs have been written to help you get started using our Cloud Native Platform. Use our Cloud Native Wiki Page to see all the resources available including some How To videos and links to our Helm Chart Repository, including some examples. We have also added a new Containerized HPCC Systems Platform Guide to our documentation suite.

Status for Supported Releases:

We always recommend keeping up to date with releases to take advantage of the latest resolved issues, enhancement and new features. Click the image to zoom in.

Looking for the sources to build your own system? You'll find them in our github repository along with information about how to do it.

Want to know more about the release? Use the following resources:

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