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The contact for NLP projects is David Dehilster.

These projects are available as a student summer work experience opportunities with the HPCC Systems Intern Program. Curious about other projects we are offering? Take a look at our Ideas List. Find out about the HPCC Systems Summer Internship Program.

To learn more about Natural Language Processing (NLP) from the mentor of these projects, see Understanding Natural Language Processing by David de Hilster.

HPCC Systems has some NLP machine learning algorithms available as well as two NLP functions (patterns and rules) built into the ECL language. There is also an NLP plugin for building Digital Human Readers. The following projects are available for students who are interested in NLP and would like to contribute to this project:

These projects are also available but they do require the completion of the dictionary projects listed above and as such are follow-on projects:

Sentiment analysis projects are also available in four languages as follows:

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