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Qn: How do I update index in ROXIE.. I have a 100 Million records indexed in Roxie and running. And I want to update 10000 records every 15 minutes or 1 hour.. Is it possible. How do I go about doing it. Richard (Taylor) mentioned that ROXIE super file is just a means for in-direction and nothing more. But, our discussions had reference to online updates of Roxie index when live where it just slows down. Please confirm. Also, let us know what is the best way to do it, if there is one.

The recommended technique is to use a superkey to refer to one or more indexes as if they were a single index.With a big index that you build every day or so, a smaller index that you build every hour or so, and a few really small indexes that you build every few minutes. You can update the keys to an active Roxie either by redeploying the query or (recommended) using package files. There will be a performance degradation if you let the indexes build up to too many, but by rolling them up every so often you should be ok.

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  1. Note that with HPCC v5.0, you no longer have to redeploy Roxie queries when altering the contents of superkeys. This has been noted in the Red Book under the section titled "Superfiles/superkeys are no longer locked in HPCC 5.0."