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These students were accepted on to the HPCC Systems intern program in 2019. Their poster illustrates the work they achieved while completing their internship. They were displayed during our 2019 Community Day Summit

 1st Place Winning Entry
Robert Kennedy
Florida Atlantic University

GPU Accelerated Neural Networks on HPCC Systems Platform 

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Our 2019 first place poster contest winner, Robert Kennedy, spoke about his project during a breakout session at our 2019 Community Day Summit (Watch Recording / View Slides).

Robert was the third place winner in our 2018 poster contest (View Poster - Distributed Deep Learning with TensorFlow) and spoke on the main stage at our 2018 Community Day Summit (Watch Recording / View Slides).

Robert is very familiar face to the team, having completed a number internships with HPCC Systems and we are also grateful for the support from Professor Taghi Khoshgoftaar at FAU, who has supported our intern and Academic Program over many years. Robert's HPCC Systems mentor during both his internships was Tim Humphrey.

 3rd Place Winning Entry
Vannel Zeufack
Kennesaw State University

Unsupervised Log-based Anomaly Detection 

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Our 2019 third place poster winner, Vannel Zeufack interned with us for the first time in 2019, joining from Kennesaw State University. His HPCC Systems mentor was Lili Xu.

Our collaboration with KSU via our academic program includes supporting their Computer Science curriculum, providing big data analytics opportunities for students in the form of Hackathons, workshops and internships.

Farah Alshanik
Clemson University

Domain Based Common Words List Using Hgh Dimensional Representation of Text 

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Farah Alshanik was a returning student to HPCC Systems intern program completing her second internship with us in 2019. Kevin Wilmoth has supported Farah as her mentor during both her internship experiences.

Farah spoke on the main stage during our 2019 Community Day Summit (Watch Recording / View Slides).

She also presented a poster during our 2018 poster contest (View Poster - Equivalence Terms of Text Bundle). Farah works on Dr Amy Apon's team at Clemson University which contributes to our Academic Program prolifically, completing many original research projects.  

Dr Apon provides co-mentoring for the students that join our intern program from her team alongside our LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group colleagues.

Christopher Connelly
North Carolina State University

Cleaning and Analysis of Collegiate Soccer GPS Data in HPCC Systems 

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Christopher Connelly joined the program to work on a project related to research we were supporting as part of our collaboration with Dr Vincent Freeh at North Carolina State University. Christopher was also supported by his HPCC Systems mentor Raja Sundaarrjan.

Dr Freeh is also a longstanding supporter of our open source project and has been involved in our Academic Program for a number of years.

Chris spoke alongside Dr Freeh about his findings at our 2019 Community Day Summit (Watch Recording / View Slides).

Muiredach O'Riain
Goldsmiths, University of London

Machine Learning and the Forensic Application of Audio Classification 

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Muiredach O'Riain was the first student from Europe to join the HPCC Systems intern program.

We were delighted to partner with our RELX colleagues at the AlphaBeta office in London, who provided him with office space, support and a welcoming working environment. Muiredach was also supported by Bob Foreman and Richard Chapman from the HPCC Systems team.

Professor Yee King from Goldsmiths, University of London also supported Muiredach alongside our LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group colleagues.

Akshar Prasad
Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering (RVCE) Bangalore

Machine Learning Techniques to Understand Partial and Implied Data Values for the Conversion of Natural Language to SQL Queries on HPCC Systems

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Akshar Prasad worked remotely from India during his internship. His HPCC Systems mentor was Roger Dev.

Dr Shetty and Dr Jyoti provided co-mentoring our LexisNexis Risk Solutions group colleagues. They have encouraged a number of their students to undertake research projects leveraging HPCC Systems over the years we have been collaborating as part of our Academic Program.

Sathvik K R
Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering (RVCE) Bangalore

Octave Plugin for HPCC Systems 

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Sathvik K R worked remotely from India. He was also co-mentored by Dr Shetty and Dr Jyoti alongside our LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group colleague, Dan Camper. A third student from RVCE also joined Sathvik and Akshar on our intern program. Details of his project (Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms) can be found in the Tech Talk section below.

Huafu Hu
Georgia State University

Build Big Data Procesing Infrastructure with HPCC Systems for the Connected Car Industry 

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Huafu Hu joined the intern program for the first time in 2019. While Huafu is currently a student at Gerogia State University, he has links with Kennesaw State University through his contact, Dr Meng Han. Dr Han co-mentored Huafu during his internship alongside our LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group colleague, Lili Xu.

Our interns present at our monthly Tech Talks. If you want to hear more about any of these projects recordings are available as follows:

Tech Talk EpisodeNameAcademic InstitutionTalk Title
Tech Talk 26Yash JainUniversity of MumbaiHPCC Systems Intern Project: Cluster Deployment with Juju Charm (No poster available)

Akshar PrasadRVCEHPCC Systems Intern Project: Fraud Detection in Value Based Cards

A SuryanarayananRVCE

HPCC Systems Intern Project: Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms (No Poster Available)

Sathvik K RVCEHPCC Systems Intern Project: Interfacing Octave with  ECL
Tech Talk 27Vannel ZeufackKennesaw State UniversityHPCC Systems Intern Project: Developing and Assessing Unsupervised Anomaly Detections Methods using HPCC Systems

Farah AlshanikClemson University

HPCC Systems Intern Project: Domain Based Common Words List Using High Dimensional Representation of Text

Robert KennedyFlorida Atlantic UniversityHPCC Systems Intern Project: Expanding HPCC Systems Deep Neural Network Capabilities - Create HPCC Systems VM on Hyper V
Tech Talk 29Huafu HuGeorgia State UniversityHPCC Systems Intern Project: Analyzing Telematics Data to Support the Connected Cars Industry

Christopher ConnellyNCSUHPCC Systems Intern Project: Cleaning and Analysis of Collegiate Soccer GPS Data in HPCC Systems
Tech Talk 30Muirdach O'RiainGoldsmiths, University of LondonComing soon in January 2020
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