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We ask students to submit either a presentation or YouTube video on completion of the program. This allows us to showcase the achievements of students during and after the student program. It also gives students something to look back and show to contemporaries, professors and potential employers.

We are very proud of the achievements of all our students! Congratulations and thank you them for the contribution they have made to the HPCC Systems Open Source Project since 2015

The project proposal application period for Summer 2018 internships is now closed. It will re-open for 2019 summer internships this Fall. To get notifications, subscribe to our Community Forum.

Student Projects of 2017 

The following student projects were completed as part of the HPCC Systems Intern Program 2017:

Lily Xu, PhD student of Computer Science Clemson University, USA
Last year, Lily worked on an implementation of the YinYang K-Means machine learning algorithm. This year she extended this work by improving and extending the implementation of this algorithm.

Vivek Nair, PhD student of Computer Science, North Carolina State University, USA
Last year, Vivek worked on providing a regression suite for the HPCC Systems Machine Learning library. This year, he implemented a solution to enable Spark to use HPCC Systems as a data store and allow ECL programmers to access Spark algorithms.

Sarthak Jain, Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering, Delhi Technological University, India
In the fall, Sarthak will begin studying for a PhD in Computer Science at Northeastern University in Massachusetts, USA. Having implemented 2 different machine learning algorithms (Logistic/Linear Regression and LSA) for us in previous internships, this year, Sarthak implemented a documentation generator for ECL code, which will provide our new machine learning bundles with an improved method for generating up to date and complete supporting documentation. 

George Mathew, PhD student of Computer Science, NSCU in the USA
George implemented a gradient trees algorithm to be included in the HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library.

David Skaff, 11th grade high school student, NSU University School in Florida, USA
David extended an number of HPCC Systems standard library functions to include unicode support.

Four of our students took part in our 2017 Technical Poster Presentation Competition. Find out about the winners and read the abstracts.

Student Projects of 2016

Syed Rahman, a returning student, presented about his machine learning project, Understanding High-dimensional Networks for Continuous Variables Using ECL at our Engineering Summit in October 2016 (view presentation slides). All presentations made at the 2016 HPCC Systems Engineering Summit - Community Day are available on our website here:

The following student projects were completed as part of the HPCC Systems Intern Program 2016:

  1. Implement a Latent Semantic Analysis Algorithm in ECL
  2. Empower ECL-ML: How to make the HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library easier to use
  3. Implement a YinYang K-Means Clustering Algorithm in ECL
  4. Implement the Converse Sparse Cholesky Selection Algorithm in ECL

This project was completed by Shweta Oak as an independent voluntary contribution. 

Student Projects of 2015

The work of Sarthak Jain and Michael Tierney was shown at our 2015 Summit. The work of Evan Sheridan was also shown as part of Michael Tierney's YouTube video since their projects, while starting out separately, eventually converged. Syed Rahman attended the summit and presented separately about his Machine Learning project.  We also ask students to write a blog journal and links to these are available from the project pages listed below.

All presentations made at the 2015 HPCC Systems Engineering Summit - Community Day are available on our website here

Direct links to the student projects presentations from the 2015 HPCC Systems engineering summit are here:

We were awarded 2 GSoC slots in 2015. The following projects were accepted and completed as part of the Google Summer of Code Program 2015:

  1. Add new statistics to the Linear and Logistic Regression Modules
  2. Expand the HPCC Systems Visualization Framework (Web Based)

The following projects were completed as part of the HPCC Systems Summer Internship Program 2015:

  1. Improve child query processing
  2. Implement the CONCORD algorithm
  3. Integrate visualizations into the Eclipse IDE driven by HIPIE
  4. Add support to Eclipse for the HIPIE language

HPCC Systems technical poster presentations by our students and academic partners

Every year, HPCC Systems holds an engineering summit and the first day of the summit is reserved for  'Community Day', where partners, contributors and other community members attend and present about how they are using HPCC Systems. We like to showcase the work of our students at this event. We also hold a Technical Presentation Competition for students who are USA based, working on HPCC Systems related projects. This includes not only our students interns, but also any students working on projects alongside our academic/industry partners.

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