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  1. Size required is 4 times source data for HPCC and this is just for THOR (If we are using SALT or typical SALT type use cases).
  2. Roxie will be ¼ of THOR count usually.. Because the data is compressed and we don’t hold any transient data in Roxie.
  3. THOR – each node can hold about 2.5 TB of data (MAX). So plan for THOR nodes accordingly.
  4. Recommended SAS drive for both THOR and ROXIE as its almost equal to SATA now.. Else SAS for at least ROXIE
  5. THOR replicates data (2 copies – This needs to be verified).. Looks like the only way to do it is
  6. 2 management nodes to be allocated for THOR.. the DALI, SASHA, DFU etc
  7. Roxie would like to keep most of its data in memory. So plan memory accordingly
  8. We need 1 DALI for every Roxie cluster.. Apparently that starts the ROXIE server
  9. Roxie +DALI needs to have a mirror. This is because, when you need to update indexes, you update the mirror and make that primary and bring the other one down. This is not really a necessity except for high availability and performance requirements. 
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