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ECL Watch is a browser based GUI which provides access to the following features which help you get the best out of using your HPCC Systems environment. More details about all these features are available in our ECL Watch Guide.

A visual representation of your HPCC System, showing the clusters, services and nodes.

System server monitoring
Certify that your system is up and running. Check there are no errors or warnings that need resolving, for example, running low on disk space.

Cluster process monitoring
Certify that all processes on your clusters are running as expected.

Uploading, spraying and despraying of data files
Upload files to your landing zone for spraying across the available nodes in your system. Despray files parts into a single file for use elsewhere. Copy files to other clusters within the same HPCC Systems environment or between remote HPCC Systems environments.

Activity queue
Monitor currently running jobs across all clusters, set the priority for running jobs, pause a cluster queue, schedule events, view the usage graph for a cluster to see, for example, the peak usage over a specified period of time, or view the log file for cluster diagnostic purposes.

Workunit features
View the list of all workunits, publish your query to Thor/Roxie, report a problem using the ZAP utility, troubleshoot Thor issues using the slave logs

See the list of graphs produce by your workunit and view the graph content. A heat map gives a visual representation of the time taken to complete each of the processes completed.

Results and timings
See how long your job took carrying out each action and if you added code to support visualizations from your results use the Output tab to view them.  Filter your results and export them to another source e.g Excel spreadsheet.

Security permissions
Control user access to the various feature resources available, for example, access to other users' workunits, manipulating the activity queue, access to the landing zone etc. When security is enabled, all users are required to provide a loginID and password. The user profile indicates their access rights to different areas of the system. Create groups to set profiles for specific user roles.

Access to third party monitoring products
Nagios and Ganglia are available as plugins which are designed to integrate into the ECL Watch interface.

Find out more about ECL Watch:

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