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There are a number of self-help resources to help you get started and use Roxie Queries and Packages.



Supporting Documentation

Roxie: The Rapid Data Delivery Engine
An introduction to ROXIE including:

  • Developing ROXIE Queries
  • Managing Queries
  • Packages and PackageMaps
  • Direct Access to ROXIE
  • Deploying Data to a ROXIE cluster using DFU
  • Capacity Planning for ROXIE clusters
  • Preflight - Cluster processes and viewing the ROXIE queries page in ECL Watch

HPCC Systems Data Tutorial: with an Introduction to Thor and ROXIE
A walk-through of the development process from beginning to end and is designed to be an introduction to working with data on HPCC Systems, as well as give an introduction to Thor and Roxie. The Sample Data Files are required references for the tutorial.

Training Classes

ROXIE ECL (Part 1) - Indexes and Queries
Class prerequisites: Introduction to ECL (Part 1) and Introduction to ECL (Part 2)

  • Defining and Creating INDEXes
  • Using FETCH
  • Creating ROXIE Queries (STORED)
  • Testing Queries in Thor
  • Deploying to ROXIE
  • Payload Indexes
  • Full and Half-Keyed JOINs
  • Optimizing Queries (LIMIT, ATMOST, KEEP)

ROXIE ECL (Part 2) - Complex Query Development
Class prerequisites: Advanced ECL (Part 2) and ROXIE ECL (Part 1)

  • Using INTERFACE Structures with ROXIE Queries
  • Limiting Your ROXIE Results (LIMIT, JOIN, CHOOSEN)
  • Designing Queries Using Multiple Datasets
  • Case Insensitive Searches
  • Use of Superkeys in ROXIE Queries
  • Use of Package Maps for Query Organization
  • ROXIE-Specific Functions (PRELOAD, ALLNODES, etc.)
  • ROXIE Post Filtering

A very good introduction to creating and deploying Roxie packagemaps is available in Lesson 11 of this class.

Applied ECL - ECL Code Generation Tools
Class prerequisites: Advanced ECL (Part 1)

  • Creating and Using MACROs
  • ECL’s Template Language
  • Automating Processes

Lesson 9 of this course focuses on using the ECL Command Line.

How To Videos

These quick videos hosted on the HPCC Systems YouTube Channel are designed as reference tools that briefly cover a variety of topics. These are ROXIE specific:

Platform Overview Videos

Covers a range of topics across all features. The following include tips on using ROXIE:

  • Part 1 - Thor, ROXIE and ECL
  • ECL Concepts
HPCC Systems Blog

Articles featuring developer and community users focusing on events, features, enhancements and specific topics. See the following ROXIE related article:

HPCC Systems Community ForumHave a question? This is the place to ask it and hear the advice of other users solving similar issues to your own. 


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