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*****Congratulations and welcome to the 5 students who are joining the HPCC Systems platform team as interns in 2017*****

Lily Xu is a PhD student of Computer Science studying at Clemson University in the USA. Last year she worked on an implementation of the YinYang K-Means machine learning algorithm. This year she will be building on that work by improving and extending the implementation of this algorithm.

Vivek Nair is a PhD student of Computer Science at NCSU in the USA. He will be implementing a solution to enable Spark to use HPCC Systems as a data store and allow ECL programmers to access Spark algorithms.

Sarthak Jain recently completed a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering at the Delhi Technological University in India. In the fall, he will begin studying for a PhD in Computer Science at Northeastern University in Massachusetts, USA. Having implemented 2 different machine learning algorithms for us in previous internships, this year, Sarthak is working on a documentation generator for ECL code, which will provide out new machine learning bundles with an improved method for generating up to date and complete supporting documentation. 

George Mathew is a PhD student in Computer Science at NSCU in the USA. George will be implementing a gradient trees algorithm to be included in the HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library.

David Skaff is an 11th high school student who attends the NSU University School in Florida, USA. David will be extending an number of HPCC Systems standard library functions to include unicode support.

Look out for blogposts on the HPCC Systems website about their progress.

Completed intern projects in previous years...

Four students joined the HPCC Systems platform development team as part of our summer intern program in 2016. One student joined the team from the LexisNexis corporate intern program and another student volunteered to work on a project for us in her own time as a community contributor. Find out about more about these projects and read the blogs about the HPCC Systems intern program.

We had 4 students complete projects for us as part of the HPCC Systems summer internship program in 2015 and 4 more 2 students completed projects in 2016.We are pleased to offer the program to students again in 2017. as part of the Google Summer of Code Program.

Most of our students work remotely, although it is possible to arrange for you to be office based, provided there is an LN office nearby that can accommodate you. 

About the program...

We supply a list of projects. You choose a project of interest to you to completed during your internship with HPCC Systems. Once you have chosen a project, you must prepare and submit a proposal which shows how you plan to complete the project. You must include a timeline for each week showing what tasks you would expect to complete. We also need a copy of your CV. Also note the following: