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    1. Verify that the entry in /etc/HPCCSystems/environment.conf is pointing to the correct jar file
    2. Verify that your jar file is located where expected
    3. Verify that the class package location in the jar matches the path defined in the ECL IMPORT Statement
    4. Verify that the jar is correctly deployed on all thor nodes in the cluster.
    5. Verify that the jar file is world readable and executable.
    6. Verify that the thor cluster was restarted after you added your entry to the classpath.
    7. if you are using a pre 5.0 hpcc build, the environment.conf's classpath variable was limited to 1024 characters; check if this is the problem.

To determine exactly what classpath HPCC is using, you can create the following java class. Call it from the command line and from ecl IDE and see what path is being used in each case.

public class TokenizerTest{

    public static void main(String[] args){   



    public static String GetThePath(){

        return System.getProperty("java.class.path");



If all of these checks pass, look for a JVM Startup entry in the eclagent.log to verify that the JVM was loaded, and check what is actually being used as the classpath. You should see something like: