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The Download - Tech Talks


  1. Nathan Halliday, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge UK
    HPCC Systems Intern 2020

    The Parallel Workflow Engine

    This talk introduces the latest developments for the Workunit Analysis Tool and shares its roadmap plans.

    Shamser is a Senior Consulting Software Engineer at LexisNexis Risk Solutions.  He joined the HPCC Systems Platform team in 2015, having spent 4 years as the tech lead for the ESP team in the UK.  Shamser is involved in many different areas including the code generator, the analyzer and changes to support the cloud.


  2. Jefferson Mao, Lambert High School, Suwannee, Georgia, USA 
    HPCC Systems Intern 2020

    How to 
    Establish HPCC Systems on the Google Cloud Platform

    This talk will give an overview of the ECL Cloud IDE, a zero-configuration, collaborative environment for creating ECL code.

    Jeremy is a software developer who has been with LexisNexis Risk Solutions for 5 years. His work in that time has consisted of application development and support of users internal to LNRS, as well as R&D, including proofs-of-concept for usage-based auto-insurance scoring and zero-knowledge identity proofing systems, based upon distributed ledger technologies. He received his BS in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

  3. Jack Fields, American Heritage School, Delray Beach, Florida, USA,
    HPCC Systems Intern 2020

    Using the HPCC Systems Generalized Neural Network (GNN) Bundle with TensorFlow to Train a Model to Find Known Faces Leveraging the Robotics API

    In this talk, Greg will speak about his new series of short developer videos on using the ECL Command Line Interface to help users handle simple tasks more efficiently.

    Greg has been with LexisNexis since 2001, starting off in Legal and Professional, Content Creation / Global Electronic Product Delivery. He joined the LexisNexis Risk Solutions HPCC Systems team in 2010 as part of the open source initiative. In that time, he has been working on the (HPCC Systems) core platform development team producing platform related documentation. He has help to build a documentation delivery system based on open source standards which automates documentation production and even helps to develop some self-documenting software. He has been working on a series of How-To videos to supplement the traditional HPCC Systems documentation.