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All nodes must have the identical operating systems. We recommend all nodes have identical BIOS settings, and packages installed. This significantly reduces variables when troubleshooting. It is easier to manage a system where all nodes are identical, but this is not required.

Binary installation packages are available for many Linux Operating systems. HPCC System platform requirements are readily available on the HPCC Portal.



Installing HPCC on your system depends on having required component packages installed on the system. The required dependencies can vary depending on your platform. In some cases the dependencies are included in the installation packages. In other instances the installation may fail, and the package management utility will prompt you for the required packages. Installation of these packages can vary depending on your platform. For details of the specific installation commands for obtaining and installing these packages, see the commands specific to your Operating System.

Note:For CentOS installations, the Fedora EPEL repository is required.