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  1. Additional Embedded Languages in ECL
    Clojure, Haskell, Julia, MariaDB, MatLab, MongoDB (Under Offer Already taken ), ODBC, Postgres, SAS, Scala, SQL, or suggest one!
  2. Additional external data stores
    Ceph or suggest one!
  3. Address Cleaner Plugin Optimizations
  4. Build Process Improvements -Ninja, Jenkins X and Azure
  5. Cloud specific projects
    HPCC Cluster Storage Support With Container Storage Interface (CSI)
    Baseline test suite for an HPCC Systems cluster on Kubernetes
    Explore Kubernetes Federation Support

    HPCC Systems Kubernetes Cloud Namespace hierarchy

    HPCC Systems machine learning cluster on Kubernetes 

    Enhance K8S Ingress with Istio Gateway and API Gateway
    Istio and other Service Mesh with HPCC Systems cluster

    Jenkins X

    Performance test suite for an HPCC Systems cluster on Kubernetes
  6. Develop an Automated ECL Watch Test Suite
  7. Marketing/Documentation Projects
    Technology/Marketing and Branding - Under Offer
    Documentation - Data Patterns
    These projects are suitable for students who would like to get involved with the HPCC Systems Open Source Project by contributing in a way that does not involve coding in a programming language.
  8. ECL Code Documentation Generator Improvements - No longer available
    Make major improvements to the ECL Code Documentation Generator (ECLDoc), written in Python.
  9. Investigate Test Frameworks and Best Practises for HPCC Systems Cloud Native
  10. Investigate Third Party Environments Working with HPCC Systems
  11. Locking engine to replace DALI - Investigative project
    Research, test and do a POC of a 3rd party inter-machine/process locking engine, for example ZooKeeper, HashiCorp's Consul or other suitable contenders.
  12. Machine Learning Algorithms on the HPCC Platform
    Anomaly Detection Algorithms - No longer available
    Applying the Causality Toolkit to Real World Datasets - 2 places left
  13. Natural Language Processing
    Enhance the English Dictionary
    Enhance the full English phrase parser
    Enhance the performance of the ECL NLP Plugin
    Create an NLP dictionary for Portuguese - Already taken
    Create an NLP dictionary for Chinese
    Create an NLP dictionary for Spanish
    Create an NLP dictionary for the Kurdish language - Under Offer Already taken
    Build knowledge base for the human body - Already taken
    Build an OCR cleanup analyze
    Create a phrase parser for Portuguese (Follow-on project- Requires the completion of the Portuguese dictionary project)
    Create a phrase parser for Chinese (Follow-on project- Requires the completion of the Chinese dictionary project)
    Create a phrase parser for Spanish (Follow-on project- Requires the completion of the Spanish dictionary project)
    Sentiment Analysis in Chinese
    Sentiment Analysis in English

    Sentiment Analysis in Portuguese - 

    Sentiment Analysis in Spanish
    Sentiment Analysis in the Kurdish Language
  14. Performance Testing - Bare Metal vs Cloud Native
  15. Provide SELinux Policies for the HPCC-Platform installation on Linux environments
    Build SELinux domains for hpccsystems-platform services.
  16. Replace existing socket-based message passing interface with an open source package
    Explore if using a different message layer (open-source package, such as ZeroMQ) offers improved performance, robustness and code maintainability
  17. System self health check - Under Review. Please get in contact if you are interested in the project
    Design and implement a tool to provide an overall check to everything is working as expected across components, from a button within ECL Watch