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Project choice reasons, relevant skills, experience and knowledge

  • Which project you are interested in, why you are interested in it and why you are suitable to complete it.
  • Which coding languages you have experience of using and indicate how they might be relevant to the project.
  • Indicate whether you have any prior knowledge of or experience with HPCC Systems.
  • Do you have any experience of working with any other open source projects?


  • Don't enter a placeholder proposal. It gives a bad impression of poor time management, lack of real enthusiasm and poor organisation. We pass over them and concentrate on the rest.
  • Don't just repeat the information shown on our Ideas List. Refer to it but then use your own ideas to show how you would tackle the problem and any challenges you might face.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to submit. Mentors may have questions and comments and you might too. Submit in plenty time so you can respond and update your proposal with improvements.
  • Don't submit and think that's it until acceptance. If a mentor asks a question, please respond in good time. Failure to respond indicates lack of interest and commitment and you will miss out on the opportunity to increase your chances of acceptance by improving your proposal.
  • Don't give the impression that you are applying because someone told you it was a good idea, for example, your tutor. It's ok to say that it was recommended to you but go on and say why you like the idea, how you feel about working on one of our projects and what you feel you will get out of the experience.