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  • Preflight - Open ECL Watch and navigate to the Operations area to run a preflight check on all Systems Servers and Cluster Processes to make sure all machines are running and operating as expected with available disk space, memory and CPU. Failed components or results falling outside the expected norm are shown in orange. Find out more using our Preflight and Certification Guide or Using ECL Watch Guide.
  • _Certification - Check that your Thor and Roxie components are working correctly and giving results as expected. The folder containing the files you need is located in your C:\Users\Public\Documents\HPCC Systems\ECL\My Files\Examples folder and is stored here automatically when you download HPCC Systems Client Tools. ECL IDE (or the editor you are using) displays the _Certification folder in your repository tree. Take a look at ReadMeFirst.ecl to make sure you are set up correctly, find out the sequence you should use to run the files in the correct order and to make any necessary changes to the code that may be unique to your environment, such as IP addresses etc. More information about running these tests is available in our Preflight and Certification Guide.