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***Congratulations and welcome aboard the HPCC Systems project!***


The first thing that will happen is you will get an email. The email comes from If you have been accepted as an intern, that email will come from Lorraine Chapman at LexisNexis.

GSoC Program
GSoC students will received an email from the Google Summer of Code interface indicating that you have been accepted by HPCC Systems. Simply go into your dashboard and view your proposal which will indicate that it has been accepted. You will then receive a follow up email from our Org Admin, which will contain a more personal welcome to you and will also be circulated to your project mentor and other relevant members of the HPCC Systems team.

Community Bonding Period

While this information is directly relevant to GSoC students, we also observe this preparation time for interns. 

This period starts immediately after the acceptance emails have been sent. It lasts for almost a month and gives you and us time to get to know each other and establish communication links.