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Jefferson started his internship as a student studying at Lambert High School in Georgia, USA. On completion of his internship, he was preparing to start his first year at university.

Jefferson was a returning student to the HPCC Systems Intern Program, having completed his first internship with us in 2020. He completed a project that contributed to the ongoing development of our Cloud Native platform by evaluating Using HPCC Systems on the Google Cloud Platform. In 2021, his project involved using our Cloud Native platform but as a use case for his chosen project. Jeff has been concerned about the increasing negative interactions across the internet, especially social media platforms, where bullying and trolling can be a problem. This Toxicity Detection feature was designed by Jeff to be able to spot cyberbullying in the text of messages. As well as using our Machine Learning Library, Jeff also used GitOps demonstrating how the creation and deployment of HPCC Systems clusters through Arc and GitOps provides a number of beneficial functions such as central versioning, continuous integration and delivery etc. 

As well as the resources included here, read Jeff's intern blog journal which includes a more in depth look of his work during his 2021 internship. To learn more about his 2020 intern project, view the poster Jeff entered into our 2020 Poster Contest

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Poster Abstract

Not only was the creation of the internet the largest technological breakthrough of the 20th century, it also happened to become a hidden double-edged sword. The internet has allowed us to access information and communicate at unprecedented levels, across the globe. Yet, this comes at an enormous cost. The human cost. Hidden behind computer screens, we enjoy a security blanket of anonymity, which emboldens some to say and do things that are labeled as disturbing in a public setting.