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Robert Kennedy: Masters in Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University
Mentors: Tim Humphrey and Dr Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Florida Atlantic University
Project: Begin development of a software library (consisting of ECL and Python code) that would provide HPCC Systems distributed neural network training
Description: Training a deep learning neural network takes a very long time. Robert’s project attempts to distribute the deep learning training algorithm on an HPCC Systems cluster speeding up the training time. 
JIRA issue ML-415
Resources: Hear Robert speaking about his project at our Tech Talk held in August 2018 and on the main stage at our Community Day Summit 2018 ( Watch Recording / View Slides). Robert was also the third place winner of our Technical Poster Contest 2018 at the same event. See Robert's poster.

Lily Lili Xu: PhD Computer Science, Clemson University
Mentors: Arjuna Chala and Professor Amy Apon, Clemson University
Project: Implementation of CLDA Topic Modeling Algorithm in ECL-ML 
Description: The application of clustering to the topic modeling problem which gives Clustering LDA (CLDA). Topic modeling is the process of determining the topics covered by a collection of documents and the mix of topics in each document. JIRA issue ML-416
Resources: Hear Lily speaking about her project at our Tech Talk held in September 2018 and see the poster she entered in our Technical Poster Contest 2018.