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  • Keep in regular contact even before coding starts. You are required to send a weekly status/progress report to your mentor during the coding period.
  • You are expected to keep a journal and/or post a blog. This is beneficial to you too. It is become a record of your progress and achievements that you can reflect on once you have completed the program. It may also be used to produce the weekly status/progress report we expect from you.
  • You are expected to complete 2 evaluations, one at the mid point and another at the end. 
  • We would like you to produce a YouTube video at the end demonstrating your work and evaluating your overall experience working with HPCC Systems.
  • You may be asked It is a requirement of the program to present at one of our monthly Tech Talks.
  • Yet is a requirement of the program to produce a poster illustrating your achievements. You may be eligible to enter our Technical Poster Presentation Contest held at our Community Day Summit.