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  • Watch a quick overview video about HPCC Systems
  • Download the HPCC Systems VM. Select the operating systems you are using first and then check the VM download. Follow the installation guide instructions.
    • Note:  We will be using a cloud-based HPCC Systems cluster for the workshop.
  • You can use your preferred editor to write code but we do have our own, a Windows-based ECL IDE which you can download. On the download page, select Gold and under Operating System, select Windows. Download both the ECL IDE and Client Tools.
  • VS Code is a good code editor if you don't use Windows.  Installation is slightly more complicated see below and also this cheat sheet:
    1. Download and install VS Code from here if you don't already have it installed.
    2. Download the HPCC Systems Client Tools from here.
      1. Choose your operating system from the popup list.
      2. Choose the appropriate "Client Tools" option for your operating system.  Make sure only one checkbox on the entire page is selected.
      3. Download and install.
    3. Launch VS Code, then search for and install the extension named "ECL (Enterprise Control Language) support for Visual Studio Code".
  • Once you’re up and running, try out a few examples from the installation guide and tutorials.
  • Learn some ECL. This is the language used to write queries. It's easy to use, try it for yourself. Read the documentation or take a training course.
  • Take a look at some video tutorials
  • Take a look at the information and training examples in this GitHub repository. In particular, please look at the Taxi_Tutorial where you will find the DataSeers contribution which provides examples showing some basic ECL functionality in action.
  • Take a look at our Machine Learning Documentation and Sources.

I have questions, who do I ask?