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  • Coding starts at the beginning of June running until the middle/late August.
  • Project information is available on our Ideas List.
  • Mentor contact details are shown on each project specification page if you have questions or want to discuss ideas.
  • Final Proposals should be sent to Lorraine Chapman not the mentor, please.
  • You can submit a proposal at any time, when you are ready, between now and 25th Marchbefore the deadlines shown below. There are some proposal guidelines on this wiki. 
  • You will hear whether you have been successful by April 22nd at the latest.
  • You must be available in May so that you and your mentor can get you setup and ready to start coding at the start of June.
  • We ask students to complete and return 2 evaluations to me during the coding period. The first is due mid July and the second at the end of the program.
  • Mentors require a weekly status report.
  • We also ask that students write a blog journal about their project and experience.
  • We like to publicize the work our students do at our conference (usually in October), so we may ask you to prepare a video or presentation that we can showcase. This is live streamed across the internet so you can watch if you can. We also blog about your progress.
  • We do have expectations of students that work with us which you should read.