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HPCC Systems collaborates with a number of academic institutions in the USA, Brazil, Europe and India. Our intern program, welcomes students on to the HPCC Systems platform team during the summer recess to work on HPCC Systems related projects. Our Academic Program supports research projects requiring data analytics which students also contribute to and as a result, are eligible to enter this contest. In fact, any student working on an HPCC Systems related project is welcome to enter this contest, regardless of whether they are an intern or academic partner contributor.  

We held our first technical presentation competition at our Community Day Summit in 2016. The aim of this contest is to give students working on HPCC Systems related projects, an opportunity to showcase their achievements to a wide audience of HPCC Systems open source community members and LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group employees. This event is held at our annual HPCC Systems Community Day Summit and you can read all about what happened at last year's poster contest by reading our Fly on the Wall - 2019 Poster Contest Blog.

Our 2020 Poster Contest will be was held virtually this year, so it is going to look looked a little difference to our judges and students, but the outcome will look was just the same as always. We will announce the results during ourannounced the winners of our Best Poster Categories and Community Choice Award during our 2020 HPCC Systems Community Day Summit on Monday 5th October 2020 between 2-3pm ET. Also on the day, we will be presenting a new award . Our Community Choice Award was new in 2020 and was presented to the student whose poster receives received the most votes from all our Community Day attendees. This award is called the 'Community Choice Award'.

Find out about our 2020 Judging Panel, the virtual judging process and experience the virtual poster booths displayed at Community Day,

About the Students

We have had 13 entries into our 2020 Poster Contest, with students presenting from 4 continents; :

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America


  • South America


The students range ranged from high school right the way through to PhD level and there is also showcased projects covering a wide variety of topics covered by their work. The posters will be available on Community Day (Monday October 5th 2020) when you will also be . HPCC Systems Community Day attendees were able to meet the students at our Interactive Expo and visit the their poster chat room to ask questions or comment on their work . Once you have seen them all, you can then register your vote and register their votes for our new Community Choice Award.

The list of students entering this contest who entered our 2020 Poster Contest is shown below. Simply click on the poster title to view more details.


Ambu Karthik
RV College of Engineering, India
Implementation of Generative Adversarial Networks in HPCC Systems using GNN Bundle

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Atreya Bain
RV College of Engineering, India
HSQL: An SQL-like language for HPCC Systems

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Varsha Jenni
RV College of Engineering, India
Hybrid Density-based Adaptive clustering using Gaussian kernel and Grid Search

Students Presenting from Europe

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Nathan Halliday
Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge, UK

The Parallel Workflow Engine

Image Added Best Poster - Platform Enhancement

Students Presenting from North America

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Gurman Singh
North Carolina State University
The Making of an Agriculture Data Lake

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Jack Fields
American Heritage School of Boca/Delray

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Jefferson Mao
Lambert High School, Georgia

HPCC Systems on Google Anthos

Image AddedBest Poster - Use Case

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Matthias Murray
New College of Florida
Applying HPCC Systems TextVector to SEC Filings

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Robert Kennedy
Florida Atlantic University

Distributed GPU Accelerated Neural Networks with GNN

Image AddedBest Poster - Data Analytics

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Vannel Zeufack
Kennesaw State University
Preprocessing Bundle for HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library

Yash Mishra
Clemson University
Leveraging and Evaluating Kubernetes Support on Microsoft Azure


Johny Chen Jy
Federal University of Santa Catarina, (UFSC), Brazil
Deltabase caching solutions: an exploratory analysis for increasing ROXIE queries performance

Lucas Varella
Federal University of Santa Catarina, (UFSC), Brazil
A Cross Provider Assessment for HPCC Systems Container Orchestration

About the Judges

As always, we have four judges this year. Three of our judges are colleagues representing different LexisNexis Risk Solutions teams and our external judge is one of our academic contributors.

Judging focuses on the following categories:

ContentThis category focuses on looking at the originality of the project, the relevance to the HPCC Systems and the relevance to the conference theme.

Poster DesignThis category focuses on looking at the organization and the visual appeal of the poster as well as the relationship with the content.

PresentationThis category focuses on how the student communicated their ideas, including the flow and clarity of the presentation.


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Jingqing Zhang is a 3rd-year PhD (HiPEDS) at Department of Computing, Imperial College London. His research interest includes Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Data Mining and Deep Learning.

Jingqing’s Masters and PhD at Imperial College, London have been funded via the HPCC Systems Academic Program and he has used our big data analytics platform to process the data used in his research.

He meets regularly with HPCC Systems team members who provide mentoring involving the use of HPCC Systems. JIngqing has produced at least 6 papers during his HPCC Systems sponsored research, maybe more! Find more details about our academic collaboration with Imperial College, London.


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Image Removed


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Image RemovedAbout the Awards

This year, we awarded prizes in the following categories:

Best Poster - Data Analytics

Awarded to the student whose poster project demonstrated the best contribution and use to our platform and open source community in the field of data analytics.

Best Poster - Platform Enhancement

Awarded to the student whose poster project demonstrated the best direct contribution to the HPCC Systems platform in the form of a new feature or enhancement of great benefit to users of our open source platform.

Best Poster - Use Case

Awarded to the student whose poster project demonstrated the best use case scenario of the HPCC Systems platform and provides a significant contribution to the HPCC Systems open source project and community.

Community Choice

This was awarded for the first time in 2020. All Community Day attendees voted for their favourite poster contributing to an award that truly reflects the views of the HPCC Systems Open Source Community. Find out more about our Virtual Community Day Summit.