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About Yash Mishra

Yash Mishra is studying for a Masters in Computer Science at Clemson University. Yash is a member of Dr Amy Apon's research team which carries out research on Big Data systems, focusing on optimizations and improvements at both the data and network layers. Yash was introduced to HPCC Systems as a result of attending the Cloud Computing Architecture class at Clemson University.

Poster Abstract

Deployment of HPCC Systems to commercial clouds can be done in multiple ways depending on various business needs. While lift-and-shift is one way to go which involves moving of unchanged application infrastructure from on-prem to the cloud based on virtual machine approach, containerization of the application with the aim to go cloud-native is another approach. The recent push of HPCC Systems to go cloud-native involves containerization strategy which provides a logical packaging mechanism in which HPCC resources are abstracted from the environment in which they run, with multiple containers running on top of the OS kernel directly.


[2] Persisting Data in an HPCC Systems Cloud Native Environment, Gavin Halliday | HPCC Systems.


In this Video Recording, Yash provides a tour and explanation of his poster content. ADD WHEN AVAILABLE

Poster Title:


Leveraging and Evaluating Kubernetes Support on Microsoft Azure

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