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Welcome to the HPCC Systems Interactive Expo! 

Find out about innovative tools and extensions the HPCC Systems Solutions Lab is working on that work alongside the HPCC Systems platform. Demos and links to resources are available in the Learn more... section below.





Web Based IDE for ECL - While it is useful and easy to use a web based tool for training etc., the main intent of Cloud IDE is to cater to the needs of a data scientist. For quickly building attribute datasets and apply ML techniques. Cloud IDE will cater to these goals by providing an environment rapid prototyping, collaboration and powerful visualizations.


BI straight from HPCC. Keep your data safe and secure within HPCC, but at the same time, create meaningful Visualizations. The idea is to provide a consistent set of prebuilt tools to support Visualizations on HPCC without needing any third party tools. Additional layers and tools are always expensive to implement and even more expensive to support and learn. Especially if you move data between systems.


Curation and Governance on HPCC - While Data Lake architectures provide the capability to ingest data rapidly and transform it, tracking and documenting datasets (data dictionaries), capturing compliance (HIPAA, GLB, DPPA, GDPR etc.), managing compliance to transformation rules, recording lineage of assets and ownership is a non-trivial task. Tombolo helps in keeping a record of all your assets in the Data Lake and how they are being used. This enables both developers and stakeholders (product owners and auditors) manage data assets quickly and efficiently.


DataPatterns is an open source, native ECL bundle that provides some data profiling and research tools to an ECL programmer.  Parts of it are already included in the ECL standard library, and you can even profile a saved file from ECL Watch without writing any code.  Watch the video (below) to learn more!


LearnECL web page contains tutorials and sample code on ECL concepts. To make learning experience easier, all codes are uploaded to LearnECL workspace in CloudIDE. 

Learn more...

Watch Video

Demo Applications

Introduction To DataPatterns

DataPatterns Bundle GitHub Repository

Introduction To RealBI - Use the Register link to create an account and use this tool.
Introduction To Tombolo - Use the Register link to create an account and use this tool.

Introduction To CloudIDE - Use the Register link to create an account and use this tool.
HPCC Systems 10 Year Anniversary Podcast Series

Who's in the know...

Arjuna Chala
Senior Director Operations
LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group

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Jerry Jacob
Manager Software Engineering
LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group

Jeremy Clements
Software Engineer III
LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group

Dan Camper
Senior Architect
LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group

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Christopher Human
Software Engineer II
LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group

Bahareh Fardanian
Tech Evangelist
LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group

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