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The proposal period for 2022 internships is now openclosed
Submit your final proposal to Lorraine Chapman before Friday 18th March The proposal period for 2023 internships will open in November 2022

Student work experience opportunities also exist for students who want to suggest their own project idea. Project suggestions must be relevant to HPCC Systems and of benefit to our open source community. 


Additional considerations about the project

  • a A good grasp of HPCC Systems, and how it differs from a relational database (or from something that processes streamed data)
  • extend performance test include other activities, and aspects of the system (e.g. lots of tiny subgraphs, lots of small graphs, workflow dependencies)
    monitor and analysis test results variation is from cloud noise or HPCCSystems Platform code changethe new test should be informative to be representative of the work that is done on the platform
  • we We want to reduce costs which for the cloud are a combination of time taken and machine type. It would be interesting to know how performance of different activities changes with different constraints e.g. number of cpus, memory, network bandwidth, and even better if it highlighted areas in the platform that would give a significant reduction in cost for little work.
  • Focus on improving the performance suite, and gathering and analyzing the stats already generated by the platform (rather than using other benchmarking tools). Work closely with our performance test team to produce graphs and look at trends for the performance suite.
  • should Should not try to directly and exactly compare some RDBMS benchmark to Roxie, but as a follow-on to performance suite work - come up with a few types of queries (or select some from the existing performance suite) and then run those at various loads and AKS cluster sizes to show performance and also perhaps HPCC scaling.