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Title: Available Projects  
Author: Lorraine Chapman Jan 26, 2016
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HPCC (48)     Page: Develop an automated ECL Watch Test Suite
    Page: HPCC Cluster Storage Support With Container Storage Interface (CSI)
    Page: Technology Marketing and Branding
    Page: Implement a Reverse activity
    Page: Locking engine to replace DALI - Investigative project
    Page: Provide test code for bundles with no self test
    Page: Process robotics data with HPCC Systems cluster on Kubernetes
    Page: Sentiment Analysis in Portuguese
    Page: Sentiment Analysis in Spanish
    Page: Provide SELinux Policies for the HPCC-Platform installation on Linux environments
    Page: Additional Embedded Languages
    Page: Sentiment Analysis in English
    Page: Performance Testing - Bare Metal vs Cloud Native
    Page: Investigate Test Frameworks and Best Practices for HPCC Systems Cloud Native
    Page: Build System as Code
    Page: ECL Code Documentation Generator Improvements
    Page: Build process improvements - Ninja, Jenkins X and Azure
    Page: Build an OCR Cleanup Analyzer
    Page: Enhance the NLP Full English Phrase Parser
    Page: Create a Phrase Parser for Chinese
    Page: Sentiment Analysis in Chinese
    Page: Address Cleaner Plugin Optimizations
    Page: HPCC Systems Kubernetes Cloud Namespace hierarchy
    Page: Replace existing socket-based message passing interface with an open source package
    Page: Istio and other Service Mesh with HPCC Systems Cluster
    Page: Enhance the English NLP Dictionary
    Page: Create an NLP Dictionary for Portuguese
    Page: Natural Language Processing Projects
    Page: Applying the Causality Toolkit to Real World Datasets
    Page: Create a Phrase Parser for Portuguese
    Page: Investigate Third Party Environments Working with the HPCC Systems Cloud Native Platform
    Page: Create a Phrase Parser for Spanish
    Page: Create an NLP Dictionary for Spanish
    Page: Documentation - Data Patterns
    Page: Additional External Datastores
    Page: Build a Knowledge Base for the Human Body
    Page: Jenkins X
    Page: Sentiment Analysis in the Kurdish Language
    Page: Enhance the Performance of the ECL NLP Plugin
    Page: Create an NLP dictionary for the Kurdish language
    Page: Baseline test suite for an HPCC Systems cluster on Kubernetes
    Page: Machine Learning Algorithms on the HPCC Platform
    Page: Anomaly Detection Algorithms
    Page: Enhance K8S Ingress with Istio Gateway and API Gateway
    Page: Performance test suite for an HPCC Systems cluster on Kubernetes
    Page: Cloud specific projects
    Page: Create an NLP Dictionary for Chinese
    Page: Incorporating self test code into a bundle