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The proposal period for 2022 internships is now closed
The proposal period for 2023 internships will open in November 2022

Find out about the HPCC Systems Summer Internship Program.

Project Description

The aims of this project include codifying build configurations and infrastructures for the various HPCC Systems Platform builds, plugins, and other components. This internship project is the first of its kind as we seek to move from a software-based build environment to infrastructure as code (IaC).

Currently, the HPCC Systems Platform builds are done on Jenkins through an automated process. While that is the way we have been building the platform and its components for a long time, it is no longer the ideal way in today’s innovative tech space. Some of the issues with such an environment are that configurations are not version controlled, hard to manage in numbers, not very consistent, and their lifetime does not exceed the lifetime of the server. What we hope to achieve with IaC is a version-controlled build system as code that offers a lifetime that exceeds the lifetime of the underlying infrastructures, improves consistency and stability, boosts productivity, minimizes user errors, while being cloud agnostic. 

If you are interested in this project, please contact the mentor of this project.

Completion of this project involves:

  • Week 1 – onboarding / design 

  • Week 2 – design / initial build images (Docker Images for each support Distro, I.e, Ubuntu, CentOS, Mac and Windows) 

  • Week 3 – prototyping locally for baremetal platform builds 

  • Week 4 – cmake/build optimizations based on week 3 input 

  • Week 5 – plugin baremetal package builds 

  • Week 6 – cmake/build optimizations based on week 5 input 

  • Week 7 - setup matrix of builds in github actions 

  • Week 8, 9, 10 – setup a jenkins x environment to test IaC flexibility in multiple cloud environments using helm/terraform 

  • Week 11 – write ups documenting the BSaC, possible wiki entries 

  • Week 12 - Demonstrate full build setup in github actions, azure, Jenkins 

The role each of these resources plays in this project:


Image creation 


HPCC build configuration 


HPCC build configuration 


Version control 

GitHub Action 



Kubernetes configuration 


Container orchestration 


Infrastructure deployment 


Infrastructure deployment 

Jenkins X 



Infrastructure management 


Build configuration  


Michael Gardner

Backup Mentor(s):
Ming Wang, Godji Fortil

Skills needed
  • Docker, Bash, CMake, Git, GitHub Action, Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud, Linux, Jenkins X, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, GitOps 
  • Ability to build and test the HPCC system (guidance will be provided).
  • Ability to write test code. Knowledge of ECL is not a requirement since it should be possible to re-use existing code with minimal changes for this purpose. Links are provided below to our ECL training documentation and online courses should you wish to become familiar with the ECL  language.
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