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These projects are designed for students who would like to contribute to the HPCC Systems Open Source Project from a Infrastructure as a Code (IaC),  test automation and/or quality assurance perspectives. 

  1. Performance Testing - Bare Metal vs Cloud Native
  2. Baseline test suite for an HPCC Systems cluster on Kubernetes
  3. Convert Automated Test Systems from Python2 to Python3 - Already taken
  4. Develop an automated ECL Watch Test Suite
  5. Incorporating self test code into a bundle
  6. Performance test on autoscale
  7. Build System as Code
  8. Investigate Frameworks and Best Practices for HPCC Systems Cloud Native
  9. Migrate regression testing for ECL bundles to GitHub actions - NEW
  10. Add fault tolerance to Regression Test Engine - NEW
  11. Improve error handling and reporting for automated test systems - NEW
  12. Implement conditional clean-up after Regression Test - NEW
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