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  • General - Find out about new releases, events, job opportunities and our student intern program.
  • Developers - Read and post comments about contributing to the sources, using ECL and our ECL IDE, programming and writing queries, bundle support and get Tips and Tricks for using ECL.
  • Data Scientists - Read and post comments about machine learning, managing big data, data modeling, and help with ECL for data analysts.
  • Administrators and operations - Get answers to questions on using the cloud or VM, installation, ECL Watch and system health.
  • Migration - For those who want to learn more about migrating data from Hadoop, mainframe or RDMS.
  • Tools and plugins - For users who are using external resources such as Eclipse,  Java tools, Pentaho Kettle, and R.
  • Miscellaneous - Post a questions or comment about online demos, training or the Reed Elsevier (our parent company) Environment Challenge.
  • International - For our Chinese speaking users.
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