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Our 5 Questions with... series showcases a wide variety of community users, including students and professors from our Academic Program, representatives from our Partner Ecosystem and our colleagues from LexisNexis Risk Solutions. It's an opportunity to hear, first hand, how our community users use HPCC Systems. Our users use HPCC Systems to solve their big data analytics problems, which cover a wide range of different research and business needs. This series provides an interesting window into the world of our open source community and their experience of using HPCC Systems.

Keep checking back for more interviews!

5 Questions with...

Name and OrganisationUse CaseResources

Jo Prichard
Senior Data Scientist, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Targeting fraud, collusion and other socio-behavioral risk factors.Listen to Webcast / View the Blog

Anupam Sengupta
CTO, GuardHat

Sensors in the hardhat continuously transmit data to a safety control center, enabling the system to pinpoint each worker’s location and detect dangerous conditions. The challenge is processing and analyzing the vast amounts of incoming data from these hard hats.Listen to Webcast / View the Blog

Richard Chapman
VP Technology, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Richard Chapman is one of the founders of HPCC Systems, an original designer of ECL and the creator of the Rapid Online XML Inquiry Engine, otherwise known as ROXIE. Listen to Richard speaking about the early years of HPCC Systems, some of his favorite use cases, updates and features of the platform, the beginnings of Thor and where he sees the company 10 years from now.Listen to Webcast / View the Blog

Lili Xu
Software Engineer III, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Doctoral Candidate of Clemson University 

Lili completed three internships with HPCC System before joining LexisNexis as an employee. Hear Lili speaking about getting to grips with using HPCC Systems and her internship experiences.Listen to Webcast / View the Blog

Amy Apon PhD
Professor and Chair of the Division of Computer Science for Clemson University

Dr. Apon discusses her career in education and research and reflects on how her team have used HPCC Systems in the area of performance analysis and what lies ahead in the future. Listen to Webcast / View the Blog
David Dasher
CTO, CPL Online
CPL Online are a leading provider of digital learning and staff engagement tools within the licensed hospitality and retail markets. Hear him speak about how he learned about HPCC Systems and how it has help them to manage the big data problems that come with a rapidly expanding business. Listen to Webcast / View the Blog
Itauma Itauma 
Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology from Keiser University and student of the Harvard Business Analytics Program
Educational data sets are now increasing in volume, velocity and variety. Hear Itauma Itauma speak about how HPCC Systems helps him get that answers he needs from the data he uses in his educational research.Listen to Webcast / View the Blog
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