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The proposal period for 2022 internships is now closed
The proposal period for 2023 internships will open in November 2022

The projects listed here are available as student work experience opportunities with HPCC Systems.

Find out about the HPCC Systems Summer Internship Program.
Curious about other projects we are offering? Take a look at our Available Projects

There are a number of embedded languages to choose from. Alternatively, suggest one of interest to you:
  1. Interfacing Clojure in to ECL
  2. Interfacing Haskell in to ECL
  3. Interfacing Julia in to ECL
  4. Interfacing MariaDB in to ECL
  5. Interfacing MatLab in to ECL
  6. Interfacing MongoDB in to ECL - Already taken
  7. Interfacing ODBC in to ECL
  8. Interfacing Postgres in to ECL
  9. Interfacing SAS in to ECL
  10. Interfacing Scala in to ECL
  11. Interfacing SQL in to ECL
  12. Interfacing your own embedded language in to ECL

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