Quick guide to ECL IDE features

ECL IDE is our integrated development environment for ECL programmers to create, edit, and execute ECL code. The repository contains an ecllib folder which includes all the ECL functions available for you to add to your query with a simple point and click. In just a few quick steps after installation, setup your preferences to point to your HPCC Systems environment and specify the destination folder you will use to store your ECL files. Available clusters are shown in a drop down list from which you select the cluster you want to use to submit your query. Available ECL files and folders are easily accessible from the repository tree.

The interface is customisable and user friendly, allowing you to do all of these and more:

ECL IDE is a Windows based interface and as such is only available on our download page when you select Windows as the operating system.

What's included in HPCC Systems Client Tools

Downloading HPCC Systems Client Tools provides you with the following command line tools:

Even if you aren't using ECL IDE, you need to install Client Tools to get access to these features. We recommend you install Client Tools when you install the platform. Our download page allows you to choose whether to install it alongside your chosen Ubuntu/CentOS HPCC Systems platform install, or as part of a Windows download package with the ECL IDE.