Hardware and Software Requirements

This page describes some hardware and software requirements or recommendations in order to run the HPCC. Essentially the HPCC system is designed to run on commodity hardware, and would probably work well on almost any hardware. To really take advantage of the power of an HPCC system, you should deploy your HPCC system on more modern advanced hardware.

Hardware and software technology are constantly changing and improving, therefore the latest most up to date requirements and recommendation are available on the HPCC Systems Portal. The System requirements page describes in detail the latest platform requirements.


Network Switch

The network switch is a significant component of the HPCC System.

Ideally your HPCC system will perform better when each node is connected directly into a single switch. You should be able to provide a port for each node on a single switch to optimize system performance. Your switch size should correspond to the size of your system. You would want to ensure that the switch you use has enough capacity for each node to be plugged into it's own port.

Generally, higher-end, higher throughput switches are also going to provide better performance. For larger systems, a high-capacity managed switch that can be configured and tuned for HPCC efficiency is the best choice.

Load Balancer

A load balancer distributes network traffic across a number of servers. Each Roxie Node is capable of receiving requests and returning results. Therefore, a load balancer distributes the load in an efficient manner to get the best performance and avoid a potential bottleneck.


An HPCC System can run as a single node system or a multi node system.

These hardware recommendations are intended for a multi-node production system. A test system can use less stringent specifications. Also, while it is easier to manage a system where all nodes are identical, this is not required. However, it is important to note that your system will only run as fast as its slowest node.


All nodes must have the identical operating systems. We recommend all nodes have identical BIOS settings, and packages installed. This significantly reduces variables when troubleshooting. It is easier to manage a system where all nodes are identical, but this is not required.

Binary installation packages are available for many Linux Operating systems. HPCC System platform requirements are readily available on the HPCC Portal.