These videos provide tips and tricks on how to use the ECL Command Line Interface.

How to...

Set default values for command line parameters using an INI file (ecl.ini)
Find out how to create that file, discuss the order of precedence for command line options and see some simple examples.
Use our scriptable command line interface to interact with your HPCC Systems environment
Learn how to display a list of all queries. Then compile, publish and activate the query all in one easy step and finally confirm that it is the active query.
Copy queries from one HPCC Systems host to another
Using the ECL Command line interface. This video makes reference to using an ecl.ini file mentioned in the video above.
Write a script to publish multiple workunits and update ROXIE query data using packagemaps

Use Packagemaps on the Command Line Interface (CLI) to update the dataset on an existing ROXIE query 'on-the-fly'
Without recompiling, or republishing, helping developers to work more efficiently with HPCC Systems

Creating a PackageMap File
Provides detail about creating and using packagemaps for a ROXIE query, covering where to get more information about packages and packagemaps, and utilizing that information. Starting with the example from the Documentation, learn how to create a new packagemap file to redefine the data a query uses. First using 3 subfiles and a subsequent example using only a single subfile while expanding upon the structure of the packagemap file. The second example expands on the content of another view on this subject “Updating Data using Packagemaps”, showing how to use the packagemaps to redefine and update the data without having to recompile or republish the query.